BENTOLIT for weight loss: get rid of 10 kg in 30 days!

BENTOLIT for weight loss: get rid of 10 kg in 30 days!

  • Get rid of 10 kg in 30 days
  • Detoxication and elemination of excessive liquid
  • Metabolism boost

Why do we gain weight?

BENTOLIT for weight loss: get rid of 10 kg in 30 days!

YIt’s a common fact that the main reasons of weight gaining are hormone imbalance, sedentary lifestyle and environmental problems, right? But these are just indirect factors.

The urban environment is very hostile to human beings. The food from the stores contains artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers and colouring agents. Life in a megalopolis goes hand in hand with gas-polluted air. Bad habits (smoking and alcohol consumption) also contaminate the body. All these factors provoke digestion issues, slow down metabolism and, as a result, intense fat deposition.

Unique formula from the very heart of nature

BENTOLIT for weight loss: get rid of 10 kg in 30 days!

  1. Bentonite clay (bonds harmful chemical combinations together and get them of the body)
  2. Powdered coffee (reduces appetite, gets excess water out of the body)
  3. Oat fibres (cleanse bowels and takes excess cholesterol)
  4. Fennel seed extract (normalizes digestion)
  5. Soy protein isolate (actively burns subcutaneous fat )
  6. Ginger root extract (boosts metabolism, prevents subsequent weight gain)
  7. Dandelion root extract (has a mild laxative effect, restores gut flora)

How to take

  • Put 2 heaping teaspoons of powder into a cup
  • Pour 200 ml of purified water or skim milk
  • Mix it thoroughly, let it sit for 10 minutes, then mix it one more time*
  • Drink clay water 1 time a day without regard to food, if possible, in the morning

Want to lose weight?

BENTOLIT is based on volcanic bentonite clay. This clay is a natural adsorbent. Daily, it removes excess water and harmful chemicals accumulated in tissues and organs, helping to dissolve and burn fat. The clay rapidly swells in the stomach, appetite reduces and you lose weight.


7 days later after taking BENTOLIT the weight already reduces. In time, you have no digestion problems: heartburn, heaviness in the stomach and so on. Average weight loss by the end of a 30-day treatment course is 10-12 kg. Unlike synthetical fat burners and detox cocktails, BENTOLIT is safe for your health. Thanks to its natural formula, there’re no side effects and complications.

Nina Leon, nutritionist

They managed to lose weight with BENTOLIT. You can do it, too!


Mary I gained excess weight as I got older. I suffered from it for a long time, and then boooom – I lost it all in a month! Thanks to those who came up with an idea of BENTOLIT. It has a peculiar taste, but the appetite noticeably reduces, stomach heaviness has gone. This is the first product that really led to 13 kg weight loss! For the first time, the weight was reducing slowly, but then I lost almost 1 kg daily.


To be honest, I lose weight for the men I love. He’s young and slim, and I’d always been plump. I lost more than 10 kg with BENTOLIT easily and then got a gym membership. BENTOLIT is a great product. I still drink it sometimes if I miss a workout or overeat on holidays.


Nadin I’ve gained a lot of weight after giving birth. When I finished breastfeeding, I started taking Bentolit on advice of my friend. I’ve solved several problems at once with its help: I’ve cleansed my body, lost weight and lowered my appetite, the pimples went away, my complexion harmonized. This volcanic clay is a real catch for me. I’ve never tried a better detox product.

How to order

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  2. Confirm your order through phone
  3. Get you order at your post office

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