Blood Sugar Premier from diabetes: support healthy blood sugar!

Blood Sugar Premier from diabetes: support healthy blood sugar!

His tight dietary restrictions stopped friends and family from inviting him over for cookouts or even just for dinner. And his low energy forced him to abandon his hobbies, and even kept him from playing with his granddaughter. It broke his heart when she asked him, “Grandpa, why can’t you come to the zoo with me?”


What was he supposed to tell her?

It felt like a chore just to leave his house, and it was getting to the point that he had to catch his breath after just walking up the stairs. One chilly October night, Jason wondered: If life was going to be lonely, isolated, and trapped until he died, then why shouldn’t he go ahead and take his own life right now?

The “Old Testament of Natural Health”

Blood Sugar Premier from diabetes: support healthy blood sugar!

Written by the Father of Chinese Medicine, it was hidden in plain sight for thousands of years.

When it was finally discovered and deciphered, it revealed the little-known worst enemies of healthy blood sugar – what researchers are calling “The Two Deadly Blood Sugar traps.”

It also revealed an asian flower – related to the buttercup – that fights those two traps to support healthy blood sugar.

I’ll show you both of these discoveries in the next few minutes, and how they can help you maintain healthy blood sugar.

Because these discoveries saved my friend Jason’s life… and now they’re sending shockwaves through the world of health.


But the mainstream medical industry wants to sweep these discoveries back under the rug

  • They DON’T want you to know how dangerous these Two Blood Sugar Traps really are…
  • They DON’T want you to know the Chinese flower that makes it dirt-simple to support healthy blood sugar…
  • They DON’T want you to know that this flower could be growing in your own backyard, right this very second.

After all, his few writings that survived had already changed the world so much… He was the first doctor in history, the first to devote his life to the health of others. He created acupuncture, which has since soothed the ailments and improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people. He was even the first to discover tea, and all its medical benefits.

Shen Nong studied and tested over 360 different herbs to discover their medical benefits

Blood Sugar Premier from diabetes: support healthy blood sugar!

You’ve probably heard about the medical benefits of ginseng: weight loss, brain health, and soothing inflammation.

We only know that because of Shen Nong.

Or maybe you’ve heard how sesame improves skin health and reduces your risk of heart disease…

Or how honeysuckle supports both your digestive and respiratory systems…

Or how ginger can reduce muscle pain and cure nausea…

Or all the medical uses for asparagus, peony, or ephedra?

It’s thanks to Shen Nong that we know the health-boosting properties of these herbs.

In many of the top hospitals throughout Asia, doctors still use his natural methods.

At least half of Shen Nong’s writings were lost, hidden inside his missing book

  • Today, researchers have finally discovered his lost work, and realized they’ve been walking right past it nearly every day of their lives.
  • They found the painfully obvious key to decipher this hidden text to learn hundreds of life-saving secrets…
  • The most shocking secrets revealed are the Two Blood Sugar Traps, and the flower related to the buttercup that supports healthy blood sugar.
  • This flower could be the relief that millions of Americans have been longing for…

Real People, Real Results

Corinne Takayama
Age 63

Having experienced colon cancer two years ago and then recently being diagnosed with diabetes II, I was at a very low point in my life when I started taking Blood Sugar Premier. I consider myself healthy, and in fact, many even say that I look healthier and younger than my years, so I was really shocked to find that my health had deteriorated to such a poor level.

Rosanna Manganas
Age 71

I started taking Blood Sugar Premier about two months ago and was skeptical. However, much to my surprise—and to my doctor’s and Diabetes Educator’s—my blood tests indicate that I have dropped a whole point in my blood glucose levels. In fact, every time I get my blood tested, the readings come back as normal. Health professionals are amazed at my results.


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