Cyto Forte from cystitis: get rid of the disease in a few days!

Cyto Forte from cystitis: get rid of the disease in a few days!

Cystitis is a topical and very common issue in women. Approximately 26-36 millions of cystitis cases are reported in Great Britain annually. Woman have cystitis 30 times more often than man because of their anatomy (short and wide urethra makes it easier for bacteria to enter). According to statistics, one in four women has this disease at least 6 times during her life and 32% of women suffer from chronic cystitis.


NOTHING EXTRA in CytoForte. No antibiotics. No synthetic ingredients

Cyto Forte from cystitis: get rid of the disease in a few days!

  • Cranberry essence: has cidal effect, destroys cells of E.coli germ
  • Camomile essence: helps to relax nephrogonoduct muscles, relieving the pain rapidly
  • Zink: regenerates the mucous tissue and the cell damaged by infection
  • Vitamin E: prevents inflamation and recovers genitourinary system.
  • B-group vitamins produce preventive substances which suppress pathogenic germs


Cyto Forte from cystitis: get rid of the disease in a few days!

  • 20 capsules in one pack
  • 1- in the morning, 1 – before bedtime
  • 2 capsules per day
  • Recommended course 30 days

You can take the supplement for a long time (up to 1 month) and repeat the course of treatment during the year if needed because plant-based ingredients containing in CytoForte formula do not contribute to resistance formation and do not male bacteria resistant.


Doctors’ reviews

Oliver Bennet
Urinologist, holder of Doctorate degree in Medicine

My recommendations for patients who have cystitis: avoid tight synthetic underwear which is uncomfortable for your body. Secondly, stay in bed if possible. The third and probably the most important point: take food supplement –


At the moment, this is the only fast acting medication which has no side effects, unlike antibiotics. It takes just 17 minutes of waiting after taking CytoForte before the treatment starts working. High level of effectiveness of CytoForte is ensured by a complex of active ingredients which the bacteria – cystitis-causing germs – don’t develop immunity to. The remedy effectively destroys pathogenic organisms in the genitourinary system and helps to get rid of nasty symptoms of the disease. in elimination if E.Coli bacteria in 98% of cases and prevents future disease recurrence.


If you experience an attacks of cystitis, the main things are cytoforte and sexual abstinence. If you follow this rules, you can get rid of nasty symptoms in a day. I don’t understand people who stuff themselves with antibiotics while there’s such a wonderful plant-based analogue. By the way, forget using hot-water bags – this will create positive environment for bacterial growth.

Rosie, 34 y.o.

I had never thought I would ever find something useful on the Internet. When push came to shove one more time, I began looking for new methods to treat cystitis and found CytoForte. Can’t say it proves its effectiveness right away, but it works. Painful urination and frequent urge to urinate disappeared the next day. The thing I’d like to highlight is that there were no relapse in 6 months, although I was diagnosed with chronic form of the disease.

Freya, 37 y.o.

Really fast effect! I had chronic pyelonephritis, any case of catching cold or working overtime resulted in relapse. I was recieving tratment of it during almost 4 years, used both antibiotics and natural home remedies. I have tried many things without significant relief. On advice of my doctor, I took a course of CytoForte last year and I recovered. The disease hasn’t come back since then. Now I recommend this remedy to everyone.

Eleanor, 44 y.o.


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