Detoxic from parasites: is a reliable remedy against parasites!

Detoxic from parasites: is a reliable remedy against parasites!

  • Gets rid of parasites with just 1 course thanks to tannins
  • Improves health and protects liver, heart, lungs, stomach and skin against parasites.
  • Alleviates bio-degradation symptoms in the intestine and deactivates eggs laid by parasites by using its active substances

Check yourself for infestation symptoms!

Detoxic from parasites: is a reliable remedy against parasites!

  1. Allergy (rashes, watery eyes and running nose)
  2. Frequent common colds, tonsillitis, blocked nose
  3. Chronic fatigue (rapid tiredness doing anything)
  4. Frequent headaches, constipation or diarrhoea
  5. Muscle and joints pain
  6. Nervousness, insomnia, and appetite disorders
  7. Dark circles and bags under eyes

How is DETOXIC effective against an infested body?

Detoxic from parasites: is a reliable remedy against parasites!

Molecules A: Herb of yarrow

  • Destroys parasites at all stages of development
  • Cleanses from body

Molecules G: Herb of centaury

  • Heals wounds and has anti-inflammatory and blood-congealing effect
  • Helps damaged tissues and organs to recover

Molecules F: Cloves

  • Recovers micro-flora of the intestine
  • Creates an environment in the body which protects against returning of parasites

Why is DETOXIC better than standard chemical drugs?

  • A certified home-remedy recommended by helminthologists to get rid of parasites
  • Keep your children safe from infections
  • Contains only medicinal plants collected from environmentally-pure places
  • No side-effects (unlike chemical pills that cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and weaken liver)
  • Completely natural and safe detox remedy so no prescription needed

Stay healthy with DETOXIC and boost your immune system!

Detoxic from parasites: is a reliable remedy against parasites!

  • Excellent skin, hair, and nails. You’ll look younger and be free of allergies!
  • Normalised digestion and bowel movements. Good sleep and high workplace performance in the workplace – do more with more energy!
  • Be free from parasites and their diseases forever! Good health for you and your family!

Expert feedback about DETOXIC:

Diseases caused by parasites are only second to the common cold. While there are now many remedies against parasites, DETOXIC was the first on the market. Over the past ten years, it has proven to be a reliable remedy with fast results. I prescribe DETOXIC for the treatment and prevention of parasite infestations.

Dr. Jimmy Foster

Senior Toxicologist PhD – Medicine

Work experience: 18 years

What do DETOXIC users say?

In 2011 I was stricken by opisthorchiasis. My condition was critical. It all began with an ongoing ailment. I was recommended to take parasites testing, which revealed opisthorchid fluke eggs in my body. I received a treatment at the infectious diseases hospital, and chemical drugs were used during the treatment. After a year the parasites returned. I then used traditional remedies. DETOXIC was the most effective. I’ve been doing great for 2.5 years! I’m free of allergy, asthma, weakness, dizziness, and pains in the right hypochondrium. My tongue has normal colour again and my lower stomach is fine!


I checked the contents of DETOXIC on the Internet and read the feedback. After talking with consultants, I tried it by strictly following the guidelines. I felt like a different person – I felt great and could work well again. All the parasites are gone! Every time I imagine that they could grow up to 15 inches in my intestine, my heart misses a beat! Thanks for curing me!


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this fantastic product! Our son was always sick. Dermatitis, constipation, diarrhoea, lost appetite, pale, running nose, stomach ache…We tried so many drugs! Then his aunt visited us and seemed more professional in diagnosing than some doctors. That’s life experience! She recommended DETOXIC. After JUST A MONTH our boy had completely recovered to be strong and active! Once bitten twice shy – so now I’m extra vigilant for parasites…


How does it work?

  1. Order via the website
  2. We’ll be in touch right away
  3. We’ll dispatch your product
  4. And you pay upon delivery

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