Easy Black Latte for weight loss: lose as much weight as you want!

Easy Black Latte for weight loss: lose as much weight as you want!

Your coffee cannot do this! Try Easy Black Latte and…

  • Get rid of fat and put on your favourite jeans once more!
  • cleanse your body of toxins
  • curb appetite
  • protect yourself against smog and pollution

Easy Black Latte is a delicious instant coffee with activated carbon. Drink it instead of your everyday cup of coffee and you will see the results that a normal coffee can only dream of! :)

The activated carbon will start working in your body after just one sip, removing the fat from your tissues. Thanks to this you will start to lose weight. The activated carbon will also get rid of bacteria, contaminations, toxins and other filth that blocks your body from its full potential!


Easy Black Latte for weight loss: lose as much weight as you want!

You just need one cup per day!

Great weight loss support
Do you want to get rid of that unwanted rolls of fat? Do you want to look good on the beach or at the pool? Do you want to wear your favourite jeans again? Do you want to attract attention? Do you want to mesmerise everyone and make others envy? Activated carbon is a great method to make even the most stubborn fatty tissue disappear. It absorbs fat and dissolves it, making your body look the way you have always wanted. A detox with activated carbon will allow your body to burn more fat. Cells that work more effectively break down fat cells easier.

Full body detox
Accumulated toxins will poison your life. They make cells inefficient. Your whole body works badly, as a result, you struggle with frequent headaches, bad mood, concentration problems. A strong dose of activated carbon will make these problems disappear! Activated carbon is like a sponge which absorbs everything bad from your body. It cleanses the body, helps with poisoning, binds toxins, metals, harmful bacteria, chemicals and excrete them from your body. You will feel better! Discover how it is to be full of energy to fulfil all your life goals. You will work at a higher speed and have more time for pleasures.


Activated carbon – it is loved by celebrities!

Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Shailene Woodley. These are just some of the celebrities who appreciate and regularly use activated carbon in their diet. They know very well its properties and great beneficial results on their well-being. It’s high time you feel it too.

A coffee that slims you down!

We want you to lose weight and cleanse your body in the most natural way. Our product contains not only activated carbon but also essential MCT oils!


MCT oil
MCT oil is an oil that contains beneficial medium-chain fatty acids that are beneficial for human bodies. They are a great source of energy, which do not store as fat. What is interesting, according to some research – MCT oils support the thermogenesis process, i.e. the transformation of stored fat into energy! What is more, MCT fats make us feel satiated longer.

What is Easy Black Latte most valued for?

We encourage our customers to share their opinions about Easy Black Latte. Thanks to you we can improve our product and we are also proud when you say how Easy Black Latte has helped you!

  • 97% of Easy Black Latte users value it for its effectiveness
  • 92% of users value it for its easy preparation
  • 90% of users value it for its fast results
  • 87% of users value it for its delicious taste

Easy Black Latte for weight loss: lose as much weight as you want!

Do you have a question? Check the FAQ!

Who should drink Easy Black Latte?

Easy Black Latte is for people who want to lose weight and do a body detox – remove toxins and all kinds of contaminations. Such beneficial properties are gained due to the high amount of activated carbon as well as MCT oil.


What is the composition of Easy Black Latte?

Easy Black Latte contains: whey powder (milk), instant coffee arabica-robusta, anti-caking agent – silicon dioxide, medium-chain fatty acids – powdered coconut MCT oil, condensed milk aroma, chocolate aroma, sweetener – sucralose, activated carbon from coconuts.
The product may contain other nuts.


Why activated carbon is so effective?

Activated carbon is a substance that is known for its great properties. It absorbs and neutralises fat as well as negative and harmful substances such as toxins, contamination, harmful bacteria and chemicals. Perhaps you remember that in childhood activated carbon was given to alleviate stomach pains – it was thanks to the properties of the above-mentioned carbon that made it useful.


How many servings are in one Easy Black Latte?

One package contains approx. 12 servings.


How to prepare Easy Black Latte?

Add 3 measuring spoons (15 g) of the powder and pour 150 ml of hot water, but not boiling. Do not stir the latte with the included measuring spoon. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. The product contains 84 mg of caffeine in 1 serving, due to the presence of instant coffee.


How to store the product?

Store the product in a sealed container in a dry place, away from direct sunlight at a temperature between 18–25°C. Keep it out of reach of small children. Once opened, the product should be used in 90 days.

Customer opinions

Thank you so much !! I look and feel really good for the first time in several years. I knew that activated carbon could help me, but I didn’t expect such good results :) I’ve lost 9 kilograms by drinking only 1 cup a day! Now I recommend Easy Black Latte to my friends, and my new look is the best recommendation for them :P


I love a good latte, but I have never thought that I could lose weight with it. After a month, my thighs are much smaller, my belly doesn’t stick out anymore and it got flat. I also feel well, e.g. I sleep better than before, I have more energy, my head works better. I highly recommend it because I have not yet drunk coffee with such awesome effects.


It’s a pity that I can’t show you how terrible I felt until recently before I started drinking Easy black latte. I couldn’t look at myself because fat was spilling out of me. I suffered from chronic headaches. I like latte, I drink it often, so when I found out about Easy Black Latte, I knew it was a product for me. I felt better with each cup, my headaches subsided and I slept like a child at night :) But the real revelation is my weight! At first, my appetite curbed, I felt being full longer. And then pound by pound, my weight dropped. I have no other explanation for this than Easy BlackLatte :)


I have ordered easy black latte to detox my body. The treatment was a success, but I wanted to tell you about something else. I have lost weight! Not much, just a few lbs, but I didn’t even think about such results at all, so it’s a very pleasant surprise.



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