Nicotine Free quit smoking: get rid of the addiction easily!

Nicotine Free quit smoking: get rid of the addiction easily!


Nicotine Free

Nicotine Free quit smoking: get rid of the addiction easily!

Nicotine Free are capsules, which help you get free of nicotine craving and eliminate bothering problems that are the result of giving up cigarettes: bigger appetite, irritation, headaches.

With Nicotine Free you will never notice when your addiction will become only a distant memory. You will be surprised that you were accompanied by the smell of cigarettes for so long, freezing on the balcony during winters and hearing constant remarks of your close ones to stop smoking!


The experts working on Nicotine Free have decided to create a product which helps give up smoking and eliminates all the unpleasant quitting symptoms. As a result, it will be much easier to quit smoking than ever before.

We know that you’ve heard it all before. All the arguments, including the main one “Quit smoking and save money, then you could…!”. You are perfectly aware of these facts. Smoking means only health problems: exhausting cough, morning fatigue, breathlessness, no condition, not mentioning more severe sicknesses.

We know that cigarettes make you look (and smell) bad: yellow complexion, yellow teeth, ashtray smell.

We know that you can count. So you know how much you spend on cigarettes and what dreams you could fulfil with that money. However, if you have no idea… then here is a little help.


Effectiveness confirmed by natural ingredients

Nicotine Free quit smoking: get rid of the addiction easily!

  1. Chicory
    Among its many properties, it is used to support a body during quitting. The plant contains vitamins and minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, folic acid, vitamin B1, B2. It curbs nicotine craving.
  2. Valerian
    The substance has relaxing properties. It will soothe your nerves and help suppress irritation. Thanks to this ingredient you will quit without feeling irritated and in stressful situations will not feel the need to smoke a cigarette.
  3. Verbascum thapsus
    This plant will make your organism get rid of toxins, which stored in your body for years. Verbascum thapsus protects mucosa and soothes the respiratory tract. It removes secretion remaining in the lungs, freeing you from the so-called smoker’s cough. What is more, your respiratory system will be strengthened.
  4. Glucomannan
    Nicotine stimulates intestinal peristalsis, therefore after giving up smoking people can suffer from constipation and other intestine problems. Glucomannan counteracts them and regulates intestine functions. What is more, this fibre combined with water swells in the stomach making you feel full. That is why you eat normally and don’t gain weight!
  5. Chromium
    Stabilises blood sugar levels. This way you won’t feel the need to reach for sweet snacks.
  6. Green tea
    Eliminates toxins from the entire body. With green tea your body will recover faster to its optimal state, your health and looks will improve as well.


Carl, 30 years old

“I had enough of smoking. It bothered me that I have to spend money or do breaks between my work and have a smoke. The fact that I did not decide about myself annoyed me the most. The addiction controlled my life. That is why I have decided to do something about it. My first 2 tries were with products advertised on TV, both ended in failure. I could not handle the need to smoke. Nicotine Free was different. I have practically felt the difference immediately. Each day the need to have a smoke was smaller. Day by day I have smoked fewer cigarettes. Eventually, it happened. There came a day when I did not smoke even one cigarette. 93 days have passed since that moment. I did not smoke at all during that time and I feel great physically. I’m so proud of myself that I have regained the control over my body.”

Anna, 43 years old

“I recommend Nicotine Free to everyone who wants to give up smoking. I’ve done it on the first try after 18 years of smoking! The product has no flaws. The capsules are easy to swallow. Each day the nicotine craving was lower and I smoked less until I have stopped entirely. I did not eat more, nor did I feel the nicotine craving that you hear so much about. Everything went smoothly and without problems. One day I was smoking and a few days later cigarettes were not a part of my life.”

Max, 37 years old

“Some of my friends tried to quit smoking. Guess how many of them did? 0. Each one of them still smokes. How I did it? I think the difference made Nicotine Free. If were not for these capsules I would still be smoking. I am free for 6 months now. I even don’t feel the need to smoke at the parties. The smoke does not irritate me at all. Now I am wondering why I have smoked for so long.”


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