Nuubu Deep Cleansing against toxins: Works Overnight To Gently Remove Toxins

Nuubu Deep Cleansing against toxins: Works Overnight To Gently Remove Toxins

Nuubu aids your body in toxin removal by using the power of reflexology to tap into acupuncture points on the soles of your feet. These foot pads offer a convenient and healthy way to clear your body of toxins, helping you live a stronger and happier life. The detox patches also contain wood vinegar and negative ions which are beneficial for our body.

Furthermore, foot patches also help in improving blood circulation. Poor blood circulation symptoms include cold hands and feet, muscle cramps, tiredness, heavy or aching legs. If you have any of them, Nuubu is believed to aid with their relief.

When blood circulates through the foot, the patch utilizes these points to draw out toxins. As toxins are pushed away, they end up at the lower extremities such as the feet. Gravity is also aiding in bringing those heavy metals and toxins to our feet — the place where you put Nuubu to extract the toxins from your body.


Nuubu Deep Cleansing against toxins: Works Overnight To Gently Remove Toxins

What to expect

When you wake up, you may find the pads yellow, brown or black. That is said to be the reaction of the pads eliminating the toxins through the night. The first few nights you use Nuubu, expect to see the pads dark. As you use them continuously, they will start being of lighter color — this may imply that your body is carrying fewer toxins.

  1. Regular medicine treats symptoms, Nuubu gets to the root of the problem – toxins – and tackles them.
    Nuubu is developed based on centuries-old Asian medicinal wisdom. It tackles the true, hidden cause behind a lot of symptoms that your body may be experiencing by removing the toxins — the root cause of many pains & problems — from your body.
  2. Nuubu is natural and nature friendly
    Nuubu is made from herbs found in the Japanese forests! It is all-natural. The herbs are of Asian origin, tried-and-true by the local healing-men through Centuries. No pollution is caused in making Nuubu patches – they are environmentally friendly.
  3. Helps relieve stress
    One of the key benefits of Nuubu is stress relief. The pads comfort the soles of the feet at night, claiming to rid the body of stress and fatigue that accumulate through the day.
  4. Reduces anxiety
    Nuubu also promises to drive away your anxiety while you sleep. After a few days of use, you should feel more ease and clarity in your mind and body upon waking up.
  5. Better sleep
    Whether you’re having trouble sleeping or not, Nuubu can help improve your sleep. The comfort Nuubu provides for your soles should make your night more blissful and improve your sleep quality so that you wake up well-rested and active.
  6. Anti-Aging effects
    Nuubu is anti-aging – it improves your skin as well as organs! The removal of toxins helps clean pores, so you should see a reduction in acne breakouts and other skin-related problems. Expect to see your skin looking glossy and young after using Nuubu!

How do you use Nuubu?

Keep them in your bed table, so you don’t have to walk around once you put them on. Remove the packaging and place the pad on the central area of the bottom of your foot, and apply the attached strip over the pad to make sure that it stays in place. And that’s it! You can go to sleep, and keep Nuubu on overnight — only remove them in the morning. Once you peel them off, you should see the results by the color of the patches. Each patch is for single-use, so apply new ones every night.

Nuubu Deep Cleansing against toxins: Works Overnight To Gently Remove Toxins

Still not convinced?

Nuubu will give you the stress relief that you’ve been missing. You will have more energy, feel healthier, and, overall, happier. Everyone will wonder what your secret is!

Removing toxins from your body can:

  • reduce back pain;
  • increase sleep quality;
  • relieve stress and anxiety;
  • clean pores and battle acne;
  • vitalize your body with new energy.

Millions of people worldwide swear detox pads work wonders!

I rarely write reviews unless it’s something I’m impressed with. Every morning I had muscle stiffness in my neck/ shoulders, feeling groggy. But after a few days of using Nuubu, I barely noticed any stiffness, so that helped me not to feel so cranky waking up. I was skeptical before purchasing, but my curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did. I now believe in this product because of the difference I feel.


I’ve bought this product maybe 4 times already. Almost every member of my family has tried it on. We’ve all had great results and have felt a lot better after using these. Highly recommend for everyone.

Nicole Herbig

I bought these for my wife and she absolutely loves them! They work. They are gross when you take them off but she feels better with every use. I will continue to get these for her :D

Frank Miller

Helps with bloating and my skin looks beautiful. I use them every night. My skin looks the best it has in a couple years. Glad I found them.



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