Varicose Veins: painless treatment of varicose veins at home

Varicose Veins: painless treatment of varicose veins at home

Chinese Herbal Treatment

  • Removes inflammation.
  • Normalises the condition of the veins.
  • Eliminates spider veins.
  • Relieves fatigue and pain within 3 minutes of application.

The formula of Varicose cream works instantly

Due to its unique composition, this varicose vein cream works effectively and safely. It is able to remove the signs of local inflammation, reduce swelling and pain. When used regularly, this cream improves the condition of blood vessels, strengthens them and increases their tone.

Varicose Veins: painless treatment of varicose veins at home


Acts step by step and globally:

  1. NORMALISES THE FUNCTIONING OF VENOUS VALVES. In the case of varicose veins, venous valves are not entirely closed, provoking blood reflux. Normally, blood circulates from bottom to top, from the feet to the chest. During reflux, the major part of the blood stagnate in the lower limbs. Varicose cream strengthens the valves, restores the nerve connections, improves their nutrition and normalises blood circulation.
  2. STRENGTHENS THE BLOOD VESSELS’ ENDOTHELIAL LAYER. During pathological processes, the number of dead endothelial cells exceeds the standard. They block the blood vessels and make them thinner. Varicose cream strengthens the endothelial layer, making blood vessels stronger and more elastic. It is an excellent way of preventing and treating varicose veins.
  3. REDUCES THE PLATELETS’ ACTIVITY. White-cells’ enzymes enter the blood vessels, act on the platelets, destroy the blood clots and eliminate them from your body. Varicose cream normalises the number of immune cells in the blood and, at the same time, strengthens the blood vessel walls, preventing the white-cells from going out.

Three steps to become healthy and beautiful again

  • STEP 1
    Apply a sufficient amount of product to problem areas and wait until it is completely absorbed. Use on a daily basis (2-4 times a day).
  • STEP 2
    For a better result, apply the cream along massage lines.
  • STEP 3
    Recommended course duration – 28 days.

Specialist’s opinion

Varicose veins may have dangerous health consequences. Many people think that the disease is nothing but ugly lumps on the legs, but they can turn into sores any moment, which can eventually lead to blood contamination. That’s why I don’t recommend to leave the disease untreated. It is best to treat it at home.

Varicose cream is perfect for both treatment and prevention of varicose veins.

Mark Friedman, Vein Health Specialist

Varicose Veins: painless treatment of varicose veins at home

Product Description

  • Attention: Our products are Chinese herbs. The feature is safe, reliable with no side effect. It will not have strongly effect at the beginning that is what is the difference with chemical medicine(hurt body and side effect). So we are hoping you can use it by course of treatment and keep a longer using time to achieve the satisfied effect.
  • Ingredient: Sophora, phellodendron, angelica, licorice, comfrey, dragon’s blood, borneol, chlorhexidine acetate.
  • Function: Relief the swelling, pain, nodule that caused by vasculitis and varicose veins.
  • Application: Suitable for the people who suffering from vasculitis and varicose veins disease. Phlebitis. Varicocele thromboangiitis obliterans, arteriosclerotic occlusion, Raynaud’s disease, Ecthyma legs etc.
    also the symptom caused by above disease. like the limb fatigue(aching pain, drop, swelling, Powerless ) , lower limb swelling, afraid of cold, skin itching, Festering necrosis.
  • Usage: External use only. Please make sure the affect area is cleaning and dry. Then smear the cream to the affect area uniformly. 2-4 times per day. We strongly recommend that you buy at least 3 pieces as course of treatment.
  • Net content: 30g/EA
  • Package included: 1 X Varicose veins cream
  • Warning: Pregnant woman do not to use it. Skin allergy or wound should use it with caution.


I did not manage to avoid varicose veins during pregnancy. The baby was very heavy, moreover, I had a late pregnancy. The veins were so swollen, that I had to buy clothes a few numbers bigger. And the legs were hurting me so bad! In the last weeks of pregnancy, I was sitting most of the time in the wheelchair, because it was impossible for me to walk. It healed my veins, and the pain in less than a month. And the cooling effect is very relaxing for the tired feet!


For 18 years, I have been working at a custom-house and I stand from morning to evening. As you probably know, it is impossible to work standing all day long when your feet are ill, but this cream always helps.


The cream effectively removes reticular veins on legs. After usage you feel significant lightness, dull pain and the feeling of tightness disappear.



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